Cloud Issues


Almost everyone is on the cloud these days, or at least using it in some capacity. You know how people are. Once one person starts using something, everyone else has to pile on to the program too.

This has a tendency to cause some issues, especially if you have people who don’t know how to use a technology properly. Which brings us to why we are here today.

Here are some common pitfalls first-timers to the cloud face, and ways you can avoid them yourselves.

1)The WAN doesn’t matter here, it’s all about the cloud.
2)I can use and secure the cloud in the same way I do other applications I have been using.
3)The only thing that matters here is “centralization”, so I can survive with a very weak foundation.

Some assume that adding bandwidth to remote locations will do the trick. I guess they feel this way because most of it involves the internet. They assume the WAN has nothing to do with any of the strategies. This is wrong, never assume any of this.

Most places will backhaul the traffic over a privatized WAN. Places like MPLSdo this for the internet handoff. Adding bandwidth and handing things off will add up. It will escalate your costs in a big way.

It’s also going to create an issue with your traffic. If you do this enough, a great deal of your traffic might not be able to reach you. There tends to be a latency effect too.

What should I do?

You need to rethink your whole infrastructure. You need to thin about using a “Hybrid WAN”,not a “Private WAN”. You can achieve this rather easily. At the end of the day, your site needs to be able to do the following:

1)Split the traffic. Your traffic needs to be split between both public and private networks. If this is done properly, you will still keep the basic policies in tact.

2)This next one involves your QoS Framework.This is a critical step. Your basic framework should not have interrupted traffic. Your traffic still should be getting through, even when someone else is watching a video on another network.

3) Your 3G and 4G need to have failover capabilities. In basic terms, your connections need to have a backup plan for your clients, in case something gets lost. Sometimes a shutdown happens on either a 3G or 4G phone or PC outlet. Your need to have a plan for your clients to still reach you.


cloud ComputingThis might seem like a lot of work, but the payoff will be worth it. You can’t just join the cloud and expect everything to stay the same. You will need to make some minor adjustments. These are things that some don’t even think about. These are tips that some need to find out and learn the hard way. My hope is that it won’t get that far with some of you, which is why I’m giving it to you freely.

Please learn from what others have done before you. If you need help achieving these goals from a design and infrastructural point of view, please follow the link right here.